The Utiku Landslide is situated south of Taihape in the Rangitikei District, and is traversed by State Highway 1 and the North Island Main Trunk railway line. Learn more about the Utiku Landslide


There are over 10,000 mapped large landslides in New Zealand. Active landslides include the Taihape, Waikorora bluffs and Utiku landslides, which are impacting on residential housing, pipelines, roads and railway lines. GNS Science is carrying out research into these types of landslide to idenify the variables that influence their movement (typically rain-triggered groundwater rises and earthquakes).

The time series graph below uses a common horizontal time axis and three separate vertical sub-axes to display daily rainfall, groundwater level and cumulative displacement across the landslide. These measurements are calculated using automated readings taken by GeoNet instrumentation situated on the landslide. Users can select individual or multiple sites to display using the reference numbers.

Disclaimer GNS Science is currently carrying out the Utiku study to further scientific understanding of landslide behaviour and processes. This study is funded by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, with monitoring carried out by the GeoNet project. Additional funding has been given by various private stakeholders whose assets are affected by the landslide. The information regarding the Utiku landslide on this website is not a substitute for a professional site inspection and an engineering/geotechnical report for any particular property and is not provided for lending purposes. GNS Science excludes, to the full extent permitted by law, liability for damages or losses suffered or incurred as a result of any person or organisation's use or reliance on the information or any failure of the information to be accurate, up to date, not misleading or fit for any particular purpose.